Backyard Lunch

Whether your yard is simply a potted plant on a balcony, a patch of grass, or a luxuriously landscaped area with a pool, there is something special about dining 'al fresco'.

Roasted Chicken Sandwiches
Slice your chicken into strips, coat with oil and your favorite seasonings and roast on your grill. Grill yellow, red and gold bell peppers and place on a platter. Allow everyone to assemble their own sandwich. Experiment a little by offering Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir.

New Potato Salad
Spice up your standard potato salad with a splash of Viognier in the recipe

Pears In Wine
Briefly boil the nectarines (5 seconds) to easily remove the peels. Slice nectarines and place in bowls, then cover with a wine sauce made from 4 cups of Riesling or Moscato mixed with 1 cup of sugar.