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    Cooking With Wine

    Do you know how wine can help your dishes taste spectacular? Did you always wonder what "deglazing a pan" meant? Wondering if you should use something called a "cooking wine?" Here are your answers.

    Reduction: Describes the process of reduction and how it applies to cooking.

    Acidity: Explains what acidity is and how it affects dishes while cooking.

    Deglazing: : Defines deglazing and how it is used in cooking.

    Sauces: : Explores what adding wine can do to sauces and their flavor.

    Good food and wine are the spice of life!

    Chances are, if you're a wine lover, you're also someone who loves a wide range of food styles from all over the world.

    The recipes and cookings tips on this page were created with the home cook in mind. Using simple, fresh ingredients and a little practice, every meal can become a celebration. These fast and user friendly recipes cover a range of dishes including meat, poultry, seafood, pasta and vegetables.

    Summer Ideas

    Easy Summer Meals

    The arrival of June means that heat and humidity are here to stay. To counter that heat, here are a few ideas to keep the kitchen a bit cooler while you enjoy your meal with a delicious glass of wine...

    Barbeque or Grill?

    Outdoor cooking is a great way to keep your house cooler and add unique flavors to your favorite foods. However grilling and barbequeing are not the same thing; each method has its own nuances and techniques.

    Barbequeing iis a style that uses indirect heat at low temperatures and long cooking times. Grilling is cooking directly over a hot fire for a short time. In each case, the unique flavoring comes from the type of wood selected for the fire.


    Wine and the Barbie

    While it is true that the old "white with fish - red with meat" rule is now considered archaic, meals prepared outdoors almost beg for red wine, though there are exceptions. Grilled meat tends to develop a slightly bitter flavor when charred or smoked, so a medium tannic wine such as Sangiovese or Syrah will balance out the bitterness of the meat.

    Of course, most of us just don't toss a naked slab of meat on the Barbie. We like to sweeten things up a bit with BBQ sauce, relish, ketchup and garlic. Those coatings work well with wines that are not too dry and slightly sweet, providing both a challenge and an opportunity to experiment with both red and white wines.

    For instance, BQ ribs with grilled corn goes nicely with either a Syrah or a Riesling, while grilled porkk chops and grilled pineapple pairs well with a Merlot or a Chardonnay. Another match made in heaven is grilled chicken with bell peppers and a Sauvignon Blanc.

    Recipe Of The Month

    Each month we feature a different original recipe that uses Texas wine as part of the recipe ingredients. Wine adds unique nuances to a dish that can't be replicated by any spices.

    This Cedar Plank Halibut is a simple yet delicious way to grill fish.


    Previously Featured

    If you've tried one of our past Recipes Of The Month but can't find the print-out, just visit our RECIPE ARCHIVE for a complete listing.


    Holiday Menu Ideas


    Summer just begs us to enjoy the great outdoors. This summer let your backyard become a personal paradise for entertaining and relaxing.

    For some, paradise is floating in the pool with a cool drink. For others it's having friends over for a cook-out on a warm summer night. Whatever your preference for backyard entertaining, our Outdoor Entertaining page has tips to help you enjoy food and wine this summer.