Pool Party Menu

What better way is there to enjoy the outdoors during the dog days of summer but to relax poolside while enjoying snacks and cool drinks?

Potato Chips & Dips
Keep an assortment of potato and tortilla chips handy with a mix of cheese dips and salsas for everyone to enjoy.

Tex Burgers
Add a twist to your burger by adding a spoonful of pico de gaio to it. Serve with Sangria or a homemade wine cooler using a Texas White Zinfandel mixed with soda water.

Skewered Shrimp
This smokey shrimp appetizer is a perfect pairing with a Texas Champagne or a chilled Chenin Blanc.

Honeyed Watermelon
Mix equal portions of honey and lime juice and simmer until it thickens. Pour over a plate of sliced watermelon and watch the pieces disappear