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Tasting Climate Change
The Effects Of Global Warming On Viticulture ........(July, 2006)

Vinifera: King of Vitis
Wines made from a single grape species have been prized by kings, used in countless religions, strengthened economies since antiquity and today are held in esteem by wine lovers. Why? ........(April, 2007)

The Blood of Jove
Not everyone sipping a glass of Chianti realizes that the essence of that wine comes from the Sangiovese grape .....(June, 2006).

Custom Wineries
The hottest trend in the Texas wine industry is to "make-your-own" wine! .....(March, 2006).

Bubble Magic
Forget exploding bottles, irate Kings, and vineyard battlefields -- the real issue with Champagne is bubble size! .....(January, 2006).

Celebrating Port
What does a red dog, a cat's tail, a ewe's tail and a dog's strangler have in common? And what is it with Port and the Bishop of Glouchester? .....(December, 2005).

Wines of Summer: Think Light not Heavy, Crisp not Syrupy
Mid-June in Texas and the thermometer is already registering 100 degrees in the shade. Few of us think of a cool glass of wine by the pool,but.....(June, 2005).

Pinot Envy: Noble Grape Taps Hollywood
And a demanding, seductive mistress becomes a star.....(March, 2005).

T.V. Munson
Almost 100 years after publishing his seminal work, "Foundations Of American Grape Culture', T.V. Munson's work with American grapes still shines a spotlight on Denison, Texas.

Riesling Revival
Back in the 1970's when Americans were still caliing Chardonnay -- Pinot Chardonnay, my refrigerator usually held wines with names like Blue Nun, Piesporters and Liebfraumilch. Sweet and cheap, these wines were approachable to the immature palate and served as an entry point into the world of wine. Fortunately a decade later I was properly introduced to the Noble Riesling grape....... [November, 2004]

Cooking Side Show
A step-by-step slideshow on how to cook using CEDAR PLANKS on a grill (dated:8/2004)

Holiday Celebrations: Christmas & New Years
We gather around the table to rekindle the spirit of the holidays, created by love, laughter and wholesome food. If you're looking for a entertainment theme for that holiday table, here are a few to consider,,,,

Holiday Celebrations: Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving isn't really about grand plans, fancy food or spectacular decorations. It's about family and friends!

Texas 3-Step: A Brief History Of Texas Wine
As early as 1650, Spanish missionaries tended vineyards in area of modern day El Paso, originally growing the grapes for sacramental wines. In the early 1700's Franciscan monks developed new irrigation techniques and the vineyards flourished. The rest as they say....is history.

Grapes In Texas
Roughly eighty percent of the grape varieties found in the United States, grow in Texas. A coordinated research effort over the past 30 years has provided winegrowers a comprehensive 'what-to-plant-where' map.....

Thanksgiving Wines
Let's start with what not to use:
Try to stay away from Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Gewurztraminer....

CORK Primer
Is That A Money Tree? Close....it's a Quercus Suber! Last year we talked about Cork Taint, now let's explore what cork is and where it comes from. (dated 1,2001)

Raisin Wine
THESE DAYS SHRIVELED IS BEAUTIFUL ! Read about the latest trend in Texas -- Raisin Wine(dated:1,2001)

99 Bottles Of Wine....
Most of us fail to appreciate the impact of the lowly glass wine bottle on our lives.   Oh sure, we fumble with them, curse them, strain our backs carrying cases of them, break them, fill our trash with them, and even invent ritualistic behaviors for using them.   But why are they shaped the way they are? Let's take a look......

Viognier -- Summer Fling Or Long-Term Romance?
Your first taste of Viognier will be a memorable experience, described by some true Viognier-lovers, as equal to their first sexual experience! Your nose will tell you that your tasting a sweet wine, but when properly made, the wine offers the palate a dry nectar that resembles a mixture of lemon-citrus, spice, peaches and apricots, with more body than a Chardonnay.